Former resident- 20€

Anyone having lived at the CIUP and who share the ideals of the Alliance Internationale can join the association. The annual subscription is valid for the calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).

Friend – 20 €

The association is also open to Friends of the Cité internationale who share the same ideals of the Alliance Internationale. The annual subscription is also valid for the calendar year. (January 1st to December 31st). Those wishing to join must be sponsored by a subscribed member. The subscription and application letter are then submitted to the Board of Directors, who decides whether or not to validate the membership request.

How is my contribution used?

    • to develop and maintain the content and services of the Alliance’s website
    • to organize events on a regular basis for the its members at the Cité internationale, which are then broadcasted on the Alliance’s website
    • to develop communication tools in order to present and publicize the association to the network of current and former residents, visitors at the CIUP…
    • to offer its services (proofreading, professional counseling, …) at discounted rates
    • to contribute to the association’s operating costs


The advantages of joining:

  • access to the online directory and to contact information of subscribed members
  • a subscription to the association’s monthly newsletter
  • access to certain services and sport facilities at Cité Internationale at a discounted rate
  • free access to the library and language lab at the Cité internationale
  • discounted tickets to the Orchestra concerts at the Cité internationale
  • services offered by the Alliance Internationale at discounted rates (proofreading of theses and dissertations, professional counseling and advice…)
  • invitations to meetings held by the association.

Make a donation to the association

Donate online

By supporting the Alliance internationale with a donation (fiscally deductible in France*), you contribute to promoting the ideals of the Alliance Internationale. Go to « Give and Receive ».

Thanks to your donation, the Alliance Internationale:

  • can continue to build on technologies that are available to its members
  • can strengthen its community services that benefit current residents

For all donations of 80€ or more (beyond the subscription fee of 20€), you will be granted a « Donating Member » status, which is signaled by a star in the online directory (optional).

*Fiscal deduction: All contributions made to the Association (beyond the subscription fee of 20€) are deductible from your taxes in France, up to 66 %. This means that for every 80 euros donated to the Alliance Internationale, the actual cost for the donator is only 27 euros.