A membership in the association permits members to benefit from its services, for free or at reduced rates :

Online directory (free access)

The Alliance favors Internet communication for its members, 70% of whom live outside of France, on all five continents. The association’s website reference tool is the online directory. The version available to the public only shows names, houses and the years they resided there. The private version (reserved for current members), allows access to the addresses, telephone numbers and e-mails of former residents, as well as detailed information regarding their professional background, interests, etc.

Proofreading of dissertations and theses in French (reduced rate)

Students or PhD candidates who wish to have their thesis proposal, dissertation or article proofread can come to the Alliance Internationale. With a strong network of volunteer editors, the association is able to put the authors in contact with highly competent people who can take time to proofread their works.

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Career entry counseling

In order to respond to the demands of current residents of the CIUP, the Alliance offers a career entry counseling service. For residents who are looking to navigate their way into the work force, there are several options offered to help. Workshops for resumes and cover letters are available through out the year, as well as advice on job interviews and how to optimize a job hunt.


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